Egret Communications


Tourism Engineering

Destination Master Planning


Egret Communications specializes in planning, developing, and promoting sustainable tourism.  We approach tourism projects from a communications paradigm, working through the specialized languages and needs of travelers, hosts, resource managers, conservation, science, and government.

We have worked on sustainable nature and culture tourism in some of the most exciting destinations around the world.  

We have guided several destinations through troubling times, building plans to enable them to make moves which will appeal to visitors while achieving destination-specific goals.

We pioneered the concept of tourism engineering, which enables tourism development to meet destination or corporation needs.

We work at destination level and at business level, adapting our strategies and goals to the needs of the situation.

Let us be your partner in guiding tourism toward profitability and sustainability - and in finding ways to shape tourism to the benefit of natural and cultural resources, your economy, and your society.